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Our Services – Trabajos Submarinos

Engineering, maintenance and construction

  • Engineering and Docks Construction
  • Repair projects
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Major repairs of structures, both emerged and submerged
  • EPC projects

Design and installation of underwater pipelines

  • Design and installation of submarine pipelines
  • Pipelines for charges and effluent discharges of petroleum products, water and other chemicals products
  • Suction pipelines
  • Pipelines for pumping white water

Inspection of structures and ships. Support services

  • Inspection of piers and structures
  • Support services
  • Inspections at docks and structures by non-destructive and destructive methods
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • Inspection of underwater pipelines
  • Inspection ship propulsion system
  • Diver’s support for marine terminals

Equipment manufacture and port dotation

  • Design and manufacture of buoys fiberglass high strength mooring small boats , floating and
  • Design and manufacture of steel mooring buoys
  • Design and manufacture of quick release hooks (available for stress testing of 136 tons)
  • Representatives of cathodic protection systems
  • Supply of materials and equipment for ports in general; ports defenses, chains marine grade 3 to 4 chains with different components, bollards, barales for sport boats, anchors.

Oceanographic studies

  • Bathymetries
  • Sea bottom studies using “side scan sonar” or “sub bottom profile”
  • Measurement of marine currents and waves


  • Dredging works with cutters / suction devices
  • Galiani nozzle and Venturi system
  • Major dredging with Clamp Shell

Cutting, welding and Underwater Blasting

  • Cutting with electrodes or alternate systems
  • Cutting with hydraulic equipment
  • Underwater demolition

Corrosion protection

  • IPC projects by sacrificial anodes or impressed current
  • Installation of cathodic protection systems
  • System evaluation
  • Protective splash zone with its own technology.
  • Advice on building material to be used for springs.


  • Environmental impact studies
  • Measure and monitoring of environmental variables
  • Management of permissions

Search and rescue

  • Refloating and rescue of boats