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About Us

Captain Hans Jastram, founder of the company in its early. Year 1956.

TRABAJOS SUBMARINOS, C.A., was founded in 1956 as a service company of professional diving in various port facilities. Over time, which now adds up to fifty years of uninterrupted service, the company diversified it scopes of activities, first covering all the aspects in the field commercial diving extending also to underwater maintenance, adaption and inspection of port facilities and shipping terminal facilities, including fluvial and marine coastal structures.

In recent years the manufacture and supply of material and equipment for marine uses was added as well. Similarly the company has been active in the field of engineering and environmental remediation. Both experiences of our company, our staff and advisers, has allowed the realization of a lot of projects to countless clients in Venezuela and the Caribbean and South America.

Our Mission

Our organization’s mission is based upon the provision of advice, consultancy, maintenance and construction services to our customers under the highest quality  and safety standards and following principles of excellence, care for the environment, profitability and continuous and sustainable improvement of the quality of life of our company staff.

Our Vision

Continuously improve our quality of care, expanding our range of services in the area so that we can offer our clients comprehensive services reliably and efficiently

The Organization

In order to provide better service, TRABAJOS SUBMARINOS, C.A. has a group of specialists and the means to achieve products to meet the needs of our customers. Each service contract is under the responsibility of the Project Manager, who is responsible for the execution, according to internal quality parameters and customer demand.

The Project Manager is a person whose level and experience allows it to adapt to the particular needs of each project. The manager has complete independence in decision-making and human resource management company, forming the equipment deemed necessary for the full implementation of the assigned project.

This project manager reports to a specific senior management of the area involved. All staff of the company is obliged to take courses of professional development both nationally and internationally, to thereby ensure the training and updating, in techniques that enable the organization to have cutting-edge technology to be applied in different projects

Cooperation with national and international companies

trabsub_francasurAccording to the needs for certain projects, TRABAJOS SUBMARINOS, C.A., calls for the execution of the work, both consulting firms and independent consultants, in cases such as surveys, soil surveys, etc.. Similarly, and according to individual requirements, the company makes strategic partnerships for providing a better product to their customers.

Franca Sur S.A is a Uruguayan company with representation, technical support, and human capital Venezuelan companies specialized in the area.


In 2011, TRABAJOS SUBMARINOS, C.A., created together with other companies with equity of 40%, the company FRANCA SUR in Uruguay, an organization that runs the same type of activities TRABAJOS SUBMARINOS CA for the Southern Cone.

Within strategic partnerships, TRABAJOS SUBMARINOS, C.A., for several years he has conducted research and designed products for equipping ports, they are made to be self-designed exclusively for the company by factories nationwide.